What is insurance?
Insurance is a contract usually between a large financial institution that offers fixed protection to another person, institution or entity against a possible future loss in return of a predetermined premium. Insurance is a Risk management tool that is taken as a precautionary measure against future risks that may or may not happen.
Is insurance mandatory?
By Law, only vehicle insurance, which covers third-party liability, is mandatory. No other type of insurance is compulsory. Insurance is a measure to protect your assets from damages in case of an unforeseen accident or to take care of dependents in case of a mishap with the earning member. Therefore, insurance is meant for anyone and everyone. It may not be mandatory but it is a necessity to cover the uncertainties of life.
How much insurance do I need?
You need as much insurance as you think will be required to cover your damages or liabilities such that you or your Dependants don’t feel the financial pinch. Every individual has different requirements, goals and liabilities. Based on these, insurance plans and products are launched from time to time by different insurance companies. A Survey of various options available will give you a fair idea. You can also call us for any assistance and advice in the matter.
How can IFS help me?
IFS simply makes insurance easy for you. Here you can get quotes from all insurance companies, make price-feature comparisons and see what each company has to offer. We also assist you with easy information, which helps you understand the intimidating world of insurance better so that you can make an informed choice. Moreover, when you know what you want, we’ll help you get it. IFS’s support team are there to guide you at any and every step.
How does IFS policy work?
IFS gets you real-time updated records of insurance companies and their products The moment you feed in your basic information to get the quote, IFS helps you fetch the most relevant and reliable quotes from different insurers. Our advanced search, comparison, and filter functions give you all the power you need to get the right insurance policy for you. Additionally, there are special features for registered users that make it even easier. And yes, registration is easy and absolutely free!